Slow and easy

Seeing as T was marshalling at the Haddington Triathlon on Sunday, thought i’d let her get on with it and do a longish one from Dunbar – Haddington with the promise of a lift at the other end. Suffering a slight anxiety about my crap ending to my last long one the Sunday before at the Dunbar 25K ‘fun run’, I drove down to Halhill to cut 3 miles off the route. I also ‘stoked up’ a supply of 6 jelly babies and a couple of small bottles on my belt just in case. Thankfully, it all went relatively smoothly – steady if not particularly fast, there was a constant headwind most of the route, but it was a really scenic run. Out to John Muir, up the sweeping avenue to Biel House, along Beesknowe and round the South side of Traprain, then onwards to Haddington via the back road and came in the way the Haddington half goes out. Very nice, and 6 jelly babies and 2 bottles of water later got just over 14 miles under my belt. Arrived just in time to see those deranged multi-tasking fools who choose to swim/bike/run arriving at the finish at the pool.

Going to take it fairly easy this week, with the Stirling 10K looming on Sunday. Maybe do 8 miles tonight with the club, then intervals on Thursday and perhaps a shortish one on Friday.


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