Struggle back to ‘normality’

I’m trying quite hard to get back into my  usual running groove but it is proving a bit of a struggle. We went on holiday to Tuscany for nearly two weeks, a week after I did the Lairig Ghru ultra at the end of June. Not only have I got that ‘aimless’ feeling after completing a ‘big’ race event, I’ve also been a bit out of training too, as it was really too hot to do any sort of proper running over in Italy (only 8 really slow miles). That is no bad thing in itself, the rest is supposed to be good, but the couple of runs I have completed since I got home on Thursday have left me overwhelmingly knackered…… 11 miler with Susan and Mary last Thursday was just about ok on the day, but on the Friday I was absolutely shattered and completely lifeless – literally as if i’d raced a fast half or further….. This feeling continued into the weekend and I only managed 4 miles on Sunday. Some post-holiday and pre-work alcohol on Friday and Saturday probably did not help but it was good at the time.

Italy was very hot over the course of the 12 nights over there (35 – 40 every day), and I know I got progressively and quite severely dehydrated over that time. I don’t cope well with ‘normal’ heat at the best of times, so I think that may be a factor. We also did lots of walking, maybe on average 4-5 miles a day. I think that the heat, lack of training, bit more alcohol/caffeine/food and the prospect of a dreaded return to routine and work all conspired to make me feel totally crap at the end of last week after my first proper run since the Lairig Ghru almost 3 weeks before. However, and most importantly, run I can and I’ll head down to the club tonight and see if I feel a bit fitter. I’ll maybe stick an entry in for the Musselburgh 10k this Saturday, most certainly not for a ‘time’, but rather just to get back into a race mentality.

Oh, and Italy was fantastic. Flew into Pisa, a few nights there, over to Florence for a few nights, down to Rome for a bit and then up to ancient town of Siena for a few days. The Italian rail network and bus services make everything so cheap and easy…… We caught a lot of the amazing sights and experiences  in the grand old cities of Florence and Rome, took in some art galleries, a bit o’ kulture and the amazing countryside in Tuscany. All over too soon – now have to wean myself off the constant fix of most excellent capuccino I enjoyed for over two weeks……….try as they might, Costa and their ilk will never come close to recreating the Italian morning coffee and cake experience.

A few select pix to follow.


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