Tyne trail run

Managed to crank out just over 19 miles on Sunday – we decided to run the ‘new’ riverside trail up the Tyne from East Linton to Haddington. Susan was only doing 11 so she legged it back from Abbey Bridge. The trail was much drier than when I last ran it, though it has suffered a bit from flood erosion. Whilst not particularly taxing, it demanded a fair bit of attention due to constant ups/downs/twists/turns on a micro scale……Mary and I extended it to take a loop around Lennoxlove Estate, then back down the same trail to East Linton. After vowing to do 20 (and failing again…) I extended it a bit to Tyninghame to bring it to 19. I’ve only done one run over 21 in this marathon training stint, which is not good enough….

We are heading over to Tiree with Ian S and Jane T for Saturday’s debut Half Marathon. Probably just treat it as a training run, and try and add some miles on at the end (saying that now…)

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