Trying Tiree and First Tri…..






Haven’t had much time to post updates of late. Having said that, is there really a need to blog about every single event or activity? It is too easy to get sucked into a cycle of having to blog about all the week’s training or race events…….this pre-supposes that readers find it interesting? Maybe sometimes less is more?

I’ll keep this relatively brief then. The Tiree Half Marathon over a week ago was a toughy – strong headwind around much of the course. Nice ‘n’ flat, though, so potential for a good or great time. Everyone’s times were down – I was a couple of minutes over my PB at 1:31, and Ian S was well over his too. Ian got 2nd vet (4th overall) and I was 9th overall. Jane and Theresa both got round the course strongly. I added a few miles after to tick off some more marathon training miles. Superbly organised, the whole event was run by runners for runners (if you get my drift). Prize awards and celeidh later were great fun – very highly recommended. Despite the wind, rain and decrepit caravan with third world heating and showering – the whole weekend was a real hoot. The hotel bar at Scarinish provided a welcome refuge from the caravan (and weather) and allowed the girls some luxurious home comforts such as darts, beer and heating.

My debut Novice Tri took place at North Berwick at the weekend. It was a disastrous swim, caused by a swimmer overtaking mid-lane putting me right off my rhythm and subsequently choking a bit. He proceeded to do this to about 4 other swimmers and he should have been removed from the pool and told to walk the plank. He got a couple of warnings but carried on regardless – tool. Things could only get better, with a good cycle and good run. Was 16th overall and managed the 2nd fastest run (James Addie from Dunbar RC taking that honour and 3rd overall!).

Managed my final long run before Edinburgh Marathon on Tuesday night – a solid 20 miler from Longniddry to Dunbar, taking in a lot of trail down the River Tyne. Great route – saw bullfinches, a kingfisher, some deer and managed to stay mostly dry, apart from a brief downpour at Hailes Castle.

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