30th Skye Half and other races

My liver no doubt took a fair blootering during the week away fishing on South Uist. I’d booked in on the Skye Half on the ferry back, mainly as a forced means of getting right back into the groove and imposing some short, sharp shock treatment to get over a week of over eating/drinking. This necessitated a 5am rise on South Uist to get the 07.30 Lochmady-Uig ferry across to Skye, in time for a quick registration. Not helped by 3 hours sleep due to the other 3 party animals living it up on the last night on South Uist.

The Skye Half was sweltering, and euphemistically described as ‘undulating’.  A nice steep hill out of Portree right at the start set the standard. To be fair, it was most undulating after this, with a longer climb about mile 10-11, then a nice drop down back into Portree for the finish. Not much more to say, really, except that it was superbly organised, with possibly a record field with over 350 runners. Happy with 4th in category and 31st overall. At 1:31:58 not near a PB, but it was never going to be……managed to not stiffen up too much for the drive down.

Following week was Bamburgh 10K, yet again another roaster, not a quick course, but enjoyable nevertheless. Nice smallish field of mostly NE based clubs/runners, and managed to keep the pace ‘brisk’, until the long, straight 2 miles back along into Bamburgh. Just a tad over 40 minutes, and 3rd in category, so as good as it gets for me.

Last but not least was the Alnwick Trail Half Marathon last Sunday – a club outing this one, i’d say harder than the Skye Half on account of actual ‘hills’ rather than ‘undulations’. I was of the view that this course would be a good final prep for the Laraig Ghru coming up shortly. I felt pretty strong all the way round, and it was a wonderful course – very scenic, up the river, some fair climbs, forest track and open hill. A few bits of the course were ‘out and back’, and this gave a good opportunity to check who was on my heels. I was relieved to get a view of Lee Curtis a couple of minutes behind me, but I am sure he will be playing to his strengths for the Laraig Ghru this coming Sunday.

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