Musselburgh 10K ‘ticked’ off….

I thought it would be nice to do a shorter race again. I hadn’t done Musselburgh 10K for a few years, so I pitched in with a late entry and got the very last place – number 400. Theresa went along and managed to blag a place, and so did Rhona A from the club.

It was hot and sultry, although a cooling on-shore breeze helped on a fair bit of the course. Still, far too hot for my first mile and it was eyeballs out for the first split, very hard work, but I managed to settle down into a more consistent pace after about mile 2. I was lucky to have done the Musselburgh 5K summer series on Wednesday beforehand, and this gave me a good recce and reminder of part of the route.

Based on my last couple of 10Ks, I reckoned i’d be over 40 minutes, aided and abetted by the hot conditions and also a few  extra pounds which had somehow accumulated on my mid-rift over the last 2-3 months. Anyway, by 5K, I hit 19:23, but was still not confident of going under 40 minutes. From the half way point, we moved back towards the racecourse and onto grass and rough track – not ideal for speed and fluid movement. I still wasn’t really paying much attention to pace, and hardly used my garmin….by 9K, the route turned and headed back into the park, and at this point I was overtaken by Nick who has just joined the club, who had hung on my shoulder for the entire race. A rather pedestrian plod around the park on grass and I rolled across the line on 39;23, about 15 seconds out of my PB, but pleased nonetheless given the conditions and lack of tarmac sections.

As a postscript, a few days before the race I was diagnosed with Lyme disease from a tick bite I picked up on the Hebrides, and was kind of worried about running hard. I’ve had no apparent ill effects, and ‘luckily’ I got the tell-tale ‘bulls-eye’ rash which gives an early warning. Hopefully with a few weeks of medication, I might be clear of it, certainly clear of it enough to maybe plan another marathon for the year.

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