Impromptu marathon training

In a bid to improve on my abysmal Edinburgh marathon run in May, I’ve gone an entered the Reykjavik Marathon at the end of August – yeah, a bit spontaneous, I know. Theresa has entered the half. Accommodation can be got quite cheaply in the city if you look around, and there is a really late entry deadline, and it is not a huge event – so good all round. Last week, I managed a nice and brisk 18 mile training run at about 2:27. I think part of my pace was due to a dramatic thunderstorm overhead which tracked my run like an malevolent force, cracking, fizzing and roaring for about the first 8 miles. It was quite impressive, if a little nerve-wracking, particularly on the more exposed hills.

The storm seemed to track along a line between the higher ground of the Lammermuirs and the lower slopes around Halls, Pitcox and Stenton. I was absolutely drenched – by the time I reached East Linton, I was almost dry and the sun stayed out till I arrived back at club. I don’t know whether my ‘good’ run is anything to do with the copious cocktail of drugs going down (ok – antibiotics and some ibuprofen), but i’m not complaining.

I’m thinking about getting a 20 miler in within the next few days, and that should do it. There is a glut of really varied late summer races coming up over the next few weeks, all have their own appeal and it is difficult to resist, especially as a couple are club championship races. First up might be the Helensburgh Half this weekend, then there is the brutally short but severe NB Law race, an informal hill run from Carfraemill to Gifford organised by HELP and then the Haddington Half, to name but a few.

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